The Science as Art contest began in 2015 as a way for students in the MSU College of Agriculture to show the beauty and detail of their work in the sciences. Winning projects are displayed during the annual Celebrate Ag weekend each November.


Rachael Koss, 2019 winner

2019 Winner: Rachael Koss

"I think that my work exemplifies science as art because it includes two of the things we can learn the most from but also look at in awe. We look out into these mountains every day, into the kind eyes of a horse or at a cow admiring their calmness, not knowing all the wonders and secrets they truly hold. Although as scientists and students in the College of Agriculture, it's our job to explore them every day to find out. What a wonderful job we have. Adoration for these animals compelled me to spend 11 hours and 44 minutes on this illustration of the Santa Gertrudis."

Rachael's full project was a time-lapse video of the process by which she created this image. The complete video can be viewed on MSU's YouTube page. 


2018 Science as Art Winner Vinicius Ferreira


2017 Science as Art Winner Libby Fones


2016 Science as Art Winner Emma Bode


2015 Science as Art Winner Emma Bode