Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics

Name Phone Area(s) of Expertise
Mark Anderson 406-994-7773                   Applied Microeconomics
Health Economics
Risky Behavior and Crime
Joe Atwood 406-994-5614 Ag Finance
Ag Marketing
Production Economics
Anton Bekkerman 406-994-3032 Ag Marketing
Eric Belasco 406-994-3706 Ag Marketing
Applied Microeconomics
Daniel Bigelow 406-994-5621 Agricultural Economics
Natural Resource Economics
Mariana Carrera 406-994-5616 Applied Microeconomics
Health Economics
Diane Charlton 406-994-5623 Ag Production
Development Economics
Labor Economics
Kate Fuller 406-994-5603 Ag Policy Analysis
Economics of Agricultural Pests and Diseases
Farm Management
Production Economics
Justin Gallagher 406-994-3714 Environmental Economics
Public Economics
Gregory Gilpin 406-994-5628 Applied Microeconomics
Labor Economics
Marsha Goetting 406-994-5695 Estate Planning
Retirement and Financial Planning
Personal and Family Finance
George Haynes 406-994-5012 Ag Policy
Employee Wellness
Small Business Finance
Andrew Hill 406-994-3036 Education
Labor Economics
Richard Ready 406-994-7365 Applied Microeconomics
Environmental Economics
Natural Resource Economics
Randal Rucker 406-994-5644 Ag Policy
Applied Economics
Resource Economics
Joel Schumacher 406-994-6637 Personal and Family Finance
Brock Smith 406-994-5622 Applied Microeconomics
Development Economics
Natural Resource Economics
Vince Smith 406-994-5615 Ag Policy Analysis
Applied Microeconomics
International Agriculture Trade
Wendy Stock 406-994-7984 Econometrics
Labor Economics
Christiana Stoddard 406-994-5634 Economics of Education Organization
Health Economics
Labor Economics
Public Finance
Isaac Swensen 406-994-3729 Applied Microeconomics
Economics of Education
Health Economics
Carly Urban                          406-994-2005 Political Economics
Public Economics

Department of Agriculture and Technology Education

Name    Phone Area(s) of Expertise
Shannon Arnold                  406-994-5788                    Ag Education
Carl Igo 406-994-3693 Ag Education
Ag Systems Technology
Dusty Perry 406-994-5733 Ag Education
Ag Systems Technology
Michael Walach 406-994-4138 K-12 Education
Unmanned Aerial Systems

Department of Animal and Range Sciences

Name Phone                      Area(s) of Expertise
Tommy Bass 406-994-5733                      Animal Waste, AFO/CAFO
Environmental Management
Jane Boles 406-994-7352 Meat Science
Jan Bowman 406-994-5563 Beef Cattle Nutrition
Craig Carr 406-994-3282 Rangeland Ecology
Tim Delcurto 406-994-3708 Beef Cattle 
Range Livestock Production
Mike Frisina 406-994-7146 Wildlife Ecology
Rachel Frost 406-994-3724 Ranch-Wildlife Interactions
Pat Hatfield 406-994-7952 Range Sheep
Sheep Nutrition and Production
Clayton Marlow 406-994-2486 Grazing Management
Plant/Animal Interactions
Riparian Ecology/Grazing Management
Sarah McCoski 406-994-5574 Embryogenesis and Placentation
Lance McNew 406-994-6645 Wildlife
Jeff Mosley 406-994-3415 Range Ecology and Management
Bret Olson 406-994-5571 Grazing Systems
Rangeland Ecology
Tamara Parrott 406-994-3756 Equine Science
Devon Ragen 406-994-7749 Sheep and Equine
Brent Roeder 406-994-3758 Range Sheep
Sheep Production
Marni Rolston 406-994-2029 Entomology
Carla Sanford 406-994-3454 Beef Cattle
Andi Shockley 406-994-6878 Equestrian Training
Bok Sowell 406-994-5558 Rangeland Ecology
Shrub Ecology
Cecil Tharp 406-994-5067 Pesticide Certification
Pesticide Education
Jennifer Thomson 406-994-7434 Genetics (Animal Science)
Megan Van Emon 406-874-8286 Beef Cattle
Hannah DelCurto Wyffels 406-994-3752 Livestock Judging
Carl Yeoman 406-994-7440 Rumen/Gastrointestinal Microbiology

Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences

Name                                   Phone                                  Area(s) of Expertise
Jack Brookshire 406-994-3973 Microbial Ecology
Ed Davis 406-539-3745 Pea and Lentil Weeds
John Dore 406-600-5932 Microbial Ecology
Rick Engel 406-994-5295 Carbon Sequestration
Plant Nutrition
Soil Carbon
Soil Fertility
Stephanie Ewing 406-994-5247 Soil-Atmosphere Interaction
Soil-Hydrology Interaction
Nicholas Fox 406-994-5684 Spatial Sciences: GPS and GIS
Tony Hartshorn 406-994-6323 Soil Landscape Analysis
Jeff Holmes 406-994-5138 Field Crop Research Methods/Equipment
Bill Inskeep 406-994-5077 Soil Chemistry
Clain Jones 406-994-6076 Ag Policy Analysis
Nutrient Management
Plant Nutrition/Soil Fertility
Jane Klassen 406-994-5703 Chemical Analysis of Environmental Systems
William Kleindl 406-599-7721 Ecological Assessment
System Ecology
Erik Lehnhoff 406-994-5762 Invasive Plant Ecology and Management
Jeff Littlefield 406-994-4722 Entomology: Biological Control of Weeds
Jane Mangold 406-994-5513 Invasive Plant Ecology and Management
Tim McDermott 406-994-2190 Soil Microbiology
Brian McGlynn 406-994-7690 Watershed Hydrology
Perry Miller 406-994-541 Agronomy
Canola Production
Chickpea/Lentil/Pea/Pulse Production
Climate Impacts on Crops
Cropping Systems
Oilseed Crops
Speciality Crops
Water Use in Dryland Crops
Rob Payn 406-994-7197 Watershed Hydrology
Bob Peterson 406-994-7927 Agricultural and Biological Risk Assessment
Scott Powell 406-994-5017 Forest Ecology
Bruce Maxwell 406-994-5717 Dryland Cropping Systems
Weed and Plant Ecology
Weed Specialist
Fabien Menalled 406-994-4783 Cropland Weed Specialist
Dryland Cropping Systems
Invasive Plant Ecology and Management
Kevin O'Neill 406-994-2333 Entomology: Insect Behavior and Ecology
Geoff Poole 406-994-5564 River Ecology/Fluvial Geomorphology
John Priscu  406-994-3250 Aquatic Ecology
Lisa Rew 406-994-7966 Invasive Plant Ecology and Management
Tim Seipel 406-994-4783 Agricultural/Plant Ecology
Adam Sigler 406-994-7381 Soil and Water Quality
Tracy Sterling 406-994-7060 Plant Biochemistry
Plant Biology
Paul Stoy 406-994-5927 Land-Atmosphere Interaction
Dave Ward 406-994-3701 Microbial Ecology/Geomicrobiology
David Weaver 406-994-7608 Entomology: Biological Control and Chemical Ecology
Cathy Zabinski 406-994-4227 Restoration Ecology

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Name                                   Phone                                  Area(s) of Expertise
Diane Bimczok 406-994-4928 Mucosal Immunology
Eric Boyd 406-994-7046 Geomicrobiology
Microbial Ecology
Sara Branco 406-994-2902 Mycology
Mensur Dlakic 406-994-6576 Microbial Genetics
Matthew Fields 406-994-7340 Geomicrobiology
Microbial Ecology
Michael Franklin 406-994-5658 Bacterial Pathogenesis
Sandra Halonen 406-994-5351 Host-Pathogen Interactions
Deborah Keil 406-994-4705 Immunotoxicology
Doug Kominsky 406-994-2902 Pathogenesis
Mark Jutila 406-994-2901 Host-Pathogen Interactions
Benfang Lei 406-994-6389 Bacterial Pathogenesis
Racquel Lindroth 406-994-5598 Veterinary Medicine
Rebecca Mattix 406-994-5598 Veterinary Medicine
Raina Plowright 406-579-5325 Ecology of Infectious Diseases
Agnieszka Rynda-Apple 406-994-7693 Bacterial Infections
Ed Schmidt 406-994-6275 Developmental Biology
Mark Quinn 406-994-4707 Biochemistry
Matt Taylor 406-994-7467 Molecular Virology
Jovanka Voyich-Kane 406-994-7184 Bacterial Pathogenesis
Host-Pathogen Interactions
Seth Walk 406-994-2649 Microbial Ecology of Infectious Disease
Blake Wiedenheft 406-994-5009 Microbial Genetics

Department of Plant Sciences and Plant Pathology

Name                                   Phone                                   Area(s) of Expertise
Bright Agindotan 406-994-7738 Pea Disease Testing
Jennifer Britton 406-994-5215 Landscape Architecture
Landscape Design
Phil Bruckner 406-994-5127 Crop Breeding and Genetics
Winter Wheat
Mac Burgess 406-994-3150 Organic Agriculture
Mary Burrows 406-994-7766 Pea and Lentil Diseases
Plant Disease Clinic
Plant Pathology: Wheat and Pulse Crops
Plant Virology
Cathy Cripps 406-994-5226 Mycology
Florence Dunkel 406-451-9343 Entomology and Edible Insects
Natural Product Insecticides
Bill Dyer 406-994-5063 Herbicide Resistance
Plant Biochemistry
Plant Pathology
Andreas Fischer 406-994-5908 Plant Biochemistry
Plant Biology
Michelle Flenniken 406-994-7229 Honey Bees
Mike Giroux 406-994-7877 Cereal Quality Lab
Crop Breeding and Genetics
Durum Wheat
Bill Hoch 406-994-5064 Horticulture
Woody Ornamentals
Doug Holen 406-994-5687 Foundation Seed
Research Fee Agreements
Mike Ivie 406-994-4943 Entomology
Insect Diversity
Insect Systematics
Laurie Kerzicnik 406-994-5704 Entomology
Insect Behavior and Ecology
Jennifer Lachoweic 406-994-5057 Crop Breeding and Genetics
Statistics and Experimental Design
Matt Lavin 406-994-2032 Crop Plant Evolution
Plant Systematics
Chaofu Lu 406-994-5741 Oil Seed Quality
Kevin McPhee 406-994-5156 Pea Genetics
Plant Genetics
David Sands 406-994-5151 Biotechnology
New Crops
Bob Sharrock 406-994-2472 Light Perception
Jamie Sherman 406-994-5055 Barley
Crop Breeding and Genetics
Heather Unverzagt 406-994-5121 Montana Seed Growers Association
Rebekah Van Wieren 406-994-7539 Landscape Architecture
Landscape Design
Kevin Wanner 406-994-5663 Entomology
Insect Behavior and Ecology
Insect Pheromones and Crop Pests
Pea and Lentil Insects
Bridget Westfall 406-994-2141 Seed Testing Lab
Mark Young 406-994-5158 Human Gut Viruses
Virus Discovery and Characterization in Yellowstone
Nina Zidak 406-994-6110 Potato Lab

Department of Research Centers

Name                                   Phone                                   Area(s) of Expertise
Darrin Boss, NARC 406-265-6115 Animal Science
Livestock Production Systems
Maryse Bourgault, NARC 406-265-6115 Agronomy
Cropping Systems
Patrick Carr 406-423-5421 Dryland Cropping Systems
Chengci Chen, EARC 406-443-2208 Bioenergy Crops
Cropping Systems
Pulse Production
Sugar Beet Production
Dave Gettel, COA 406-581-9276 Agronomy Farm
Arthur H. Post Research Farm
Ken Kephart, SARC 406-348-3400 Agronomy
Irrigated Crops
Small Grain Production
Sugar Beets
Peggy Lamb, NARC 406-265-6115 Agronomy
Canola Production
Cereal Grains
Oilseed Crops
Small Grain Production
Kent McVay, SARC 406-348-3400 Agronomy
Cropping Systems
Dryland Cropping Systems
Irrigated Crops
Oilseed Crops
Pulse Crops
Small Grain Production
Soil Physics/Soil Science
Ligia Prezotto, NARC 406-265-6115 Animal Science
Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology
Amanda Shine, NWARC 406-755-4303 Cropping Systems
Jessica Torrion, NWARC 406-755-4303 Cropping Systems
Fang Ze Tian, CARC 406-755-4303 Cropping Systems

Montana Soil Testing Laboratories

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PO Box 1184 Billings, MT, 59107
Billings, MT, 59107 800-735-4489 or
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Billings, MT, 59107 406-494-7334