Videoconferencing in the College of Agriculture

With the completion of the Animal Bioscience Building on the MSU Bozeman campus, the COA and MAES now have significant resources invested in high-end videoconferencing. The infrastructure includes servers for managing devices, streaming and recording events and connecting multiple sites in conferences.

What can you do with these facilities? Below are some ideas that may help you see how these services can improve teaching and research.

  • Meet with colleagues around the state, or around the world, in real time.
    • Remote attendees must be in a location with compatible videoconferencing equipment.
    • Many locations in Montana, including schools and hospitals, have videoconference facilities.
  • Record regularly scheduled class lectures to save for future reference.
  • Stream demonstrations live over the Web.
  • Include remote attendees who cannot travel to a videoconferencing site, even if they don't have a Web cam.
  • Prepare a recording of a meeting or lecture in multiple formats to be used on a variety of devices (Mac, PC, mobile, etc.).
  • Provide training sessions to remote employees.
  • Stream demonstrations to interested producers around the state.
  • Include search committee members, graduate committee members, etc. in meetings when they are unable to attend.
  • Give an interactive lecture to your class if you are out of town or in the field.

A PDF graphic is provided to help visualize the statewide infrastructure, and is useful when reviewing the information above.

Endpoints in the system are defined as individual videoconference systems permanently installed in meeting or classrooms. We have endpoints at all seven Research Centers in our Research Center Department. Animal Bioscience on the Bozeman campus is equipped with several versions of videoconferencing in eight rooms. Included are the Technology Transfer room with a full complement of cameras and monitors, as well as the teaching laboratory in room 245 which includes high-resolution cameras installed over dissection tables and used for demonstrations. The Dean and Director's Conference Room in Linfield Hall also is equipped with videoconferencing.

If you are MSU faculty or staff and would like more information about these facilities or want to discuss ideas, please contact Matt Rognlie, IT Systems Coordinator. Contact information is on this page. Currently there is no cost for College of Ag/MAES-related meetings.