The College of Agriculture is lucky to have a dedicated community of alumni and friends who are committed to supporting future agriculturalists; more than $450,000 was awarded to College of Agriculture students for the 2017-2018 academic year! The college offers more than 150 unique scholarships. Donors recognize the robust student experience available in the College of Agriculture and choose to support students at different points in their academic careers (e.g. incoming freshman or a junior in a particular major). Because of this, we encourage students to apply for CoA Scholarships each year. Scholarship opportunities are available to incoming students, current students, and former students currently attending Veterinary School. Students interested in scholarships for the 2018-2019 academic year can learn more by following the designated links below: 

 apply for scholarships 

Applying for 2018-2019 Scholarship Opportunities:  

 "I am an Incoming student. I will be attending MSU for the first time in the spring or fall of 2018." 

  • CoA Scholarship Application Opens 12/1/2017
  •  Priority Application Deadline is 2/1/2018
  •  CoA Scholarship Application Closes 5/1/2018 


 "I am a current student.  I plan to enroll in classes for the fall 2018 semester and I began attending MSU in the fall of 2017 or earlier."

Continuing students will apply for scholarships via the new Cat Scholarship System. Multiple applications may be needed. Please follow all directions carefully. 

  • Cat Scholarships Application Opens 11/1/2017  
  • Priority Application Deadline is 2/1/2018  
  • Cat Scholarships Application Closes 5/1/2018


 "I am a former MSU student currently attending or planning to attend (enrolling 2018-2019) an accredited school of veterinary medicine." 
  • CoA Veterinary Scholarship Application Opens 12/1/17  
  • Priority Application Deadline is 2/1/2018  
  • CoA Veterinary Scholarship Application Closes 5/1/2018


  • For a complete list and description of all College of Agriculture scholarships, click here

  • For agricultural scholarships offered outside of the College of Agriculture, click here.