College of Agriculture

  • MSU professor creates online photobook of regional insects.

    This is a sweat bee, probably in the genus Sphecodes. Bees in this genus, characterized by their bright red abdomens, are parasites of other bees. The image is part of a new website, Insects of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which features close-up images showcasing the bright colors, delicate features and habitats of regional butterflies and moths, beetles, flies, bees, wasps, ants, sawflies, grasshoppers and other types of insects. Photo courtesy of Robert Peterson.

  • MSU to host annual agricultural research center field days across Montana.

    Statewide producers look on as a Montana State University scientist gives a public talk at a summer field day held at the Eastern Agricultural Research Station, one of the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station's research centers. Photo courtesy of the MSU College of Agriculture.

  • MSU students finish strong year of major scholarship wins.

    Eighteen MSU students were honored recently for being named winners and finalists of major national scholarships and fellowships. Included in the group were Goldwater, Fulbright, Truman, Udall and National Science Foundation scholars. The honored students are pictured here with MSU President Waded Cruzado and Ilse-Mari Lee, dean of the MSU Honors College. MSU photo by Kelly Gorham.

  • New honey bees arrive at MSU Horticulture Farm, support pollinator research.

    A queen bee is kept in a seperate box until she and the workers are added to the new colony. MSU photo by Kelly Gorham.

As the foundation of the land grant mission at Montana State University, the College of Agriculture and the Montana Agricultural Experiment Station provide instruction in traditional and innovative degree program and conduct research on old and new challenges for Montana’s agricultural community. This integration creates opportunities for students and faculty to excel through hands-on learning, to serve through campus and community engagement, to explore unique solutions to distinct and interesting questions and to connect Montanans with the global community through research discoveries and outreach.